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Mar 12, 2018

Me in the great outdoors some personal phone pics walking and in a kayak

Running my business with an environmentally friendly policy at its heart –  Striving to be a Green Wedding Photographer

Green Wedding Photographer // Everyday, after the school run, I love nothing more than getting out every morning in my hiking boots. Marching through the local countryside with my mum for company. Putting the world to rights; clearing my head; having some valuable ‘ no screen time’ and getting in some exercise without having to be a member of an effing  gym. (Real talk! :-D) I am very fortunate to live in a county full of beautiful open spaces, woodlands and lakes – sadly no sea but, hey, we can’t have everything! (Come and see me for an engagement shoot and I’ll show you the sights.)

Being Green at home

I love the great outdoors and I feel very passionately that we all have a responsibility to enjoy and protect the world around us. At home we recycle like mad; grow some of our own veggies; shop local and walk lots. I also don’t run appliances like a dishwasher or a tumble drier through choice. I don’t consider myself to be a consumerist – I’m not into flashy things and I prefer to spend my money on things that are built to last. I hate waste – I donate lots to charity. I would rather donate to charity that can benefit than sell something on FB for a few quid. We try to do our bit. I have definitely thought on numerous occasions about being in a supermarket and unwrapping the food I have bought from all the unnecessary packaging and leaving it at the checkout. Do I sound mental?! Imagine if we all did it – would they get the message?

Being Green at work

Anyway , before I digress I also wanted to share with you how committed I am to running my business with an environmentally friendly policy at its heart.

Where I work…

  • I work at home from either my kitchen table or my home office. As much as I sometimes dream about a co-working space with other creatives/small business owners it doesn’t really make any business sense.
  • Our electricity is supplied by Bulb and is 100% renewable energy. So all my tech that I have to use for my work is powered by green energy.
  • I use rechargable batteries always.
  • I look after my kit and get it serviced every year (at least once) to prolong its life.


My work and products…

  • Almost all of my work is online. The only physical things I do send out to clients are ‘surprises’ that I hope you will treasure, pass on or upcycle. My welcome magazine is printed on non coated paper which is recyclable but I hope instead of it hitting the recycling bin you’d either hand it to an engaged friend or just keep it for prosperity!
  • My gorgeous albums are sourced locally. Shipping albums in from the other side of the planet just does not sit well with me at all. In this respect my business’ carbon footprint is low.
  • I ensure that extra packaging materials that I use are recyclable…and if not can be upcycled. (Props to Harry who turned one of my foil envelopes into Christmas tree decorations last year – very inspired!)



  • Obviously travel in my job is inevitable but I use public transport as often as possible and I run a modern, fuel efficient car.


If you have any cool/ inventive ideas on how I can further reduce my impact on the environment then I’d love to hear from you!




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