Islington Metalworks Wedding

Jan 15, 2019

"We genuinely feel so lucky to have found Jordanna - her energy, photographic style and general awesomeness really did help make our day. The images she captured bring back such immediate and real emotions it's like reliving our day moment by moment."

A super funky and colourful Islington Metalworks Wedding for Kate & Chris

Islington Metalworks Wedding// I absolutely adored this Islington Metalworks Wedding. It’s a wedding venue that I had wanted to shoot at for a long time and it didn’t disappoint. It is such a cool, enclosed space in the heart of London. I love a bit of grit so yep a big thumbs up from me.

Kate looked awesome in a simple long sleeved t shirt and skirt by Fairy Gothmother. I loved her knitted shawl that her mum had made her too – she really did look so unique. Kate was just effortlessly chic and definitely had a vibe of SJP.

The couple decided to inject a lot of colour into their day with hanging paper pom poms, the flowers they selected and the characters they invited along. It was one of those days where my face hurt from smiling so much by the end of it! Special mention must go to the cake table – I mean come on! How cool! And props to their friend who desite not being a cake maker rustled up their GBBO showstopper of a cake.

Music was provided by Storm Band who were ace.

All in all a 10/10 kinda day, can we do it again please?!

Islington Town Hall Wedding Photography Bride and Groom Islington Metalworks Wedding photography for fun couples Funny photo of groom narrowing missing bollard Islington Metalworks Wedding Bride in handmade winter shawl for Islington Metalworks Wedding you're my lobster couple on their way to Islington Metalworks Wedding Couple shot in street outside Islington Metalworks Wedding Wedding details at Islington Metalworks Wedding


Nestled at the back of Angel station, The Islington Metalworks is a completely unique venue, steeped in history. Built in the late 19th Century, all three floors were initially used to stable the horses that pulled the trams for London Transport. In 1925 it was converted into a metal works. This element of the business is still running successfully today. Much of the building has now been restored, creating a number of inspiring spaces.

Islington Metal Works is my idea of a photographers dream – we’re not talking Disney Princessy dreams here – we’re talking the juxtaposition of a wedding in a unique, industrial setting. The building itself has loads going on but the surrounding streets are awesome too. Special mention to the staff too who were awesome.

If you are getting married at Islington Metalworks then I would love to be your London wedding photographer! Drop me a line if you like the look of me and my work.


Home consists of my husband and our two children. I met my husband at work and we got married in 2012 at The Electric Cinema in Birmingham. It was an intimate affair that suited us down to the ground. I am all for saying knickers to tradition!

I photographed my first ever wedding in 2007 and have now shot almost 200 weddings. I love my job dearly it brings me so much joy!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer I’d love to hear from you so please drop me a line via my contact page. 


“We really like Jordanna’s ability to capture genuinely joyous, funny and quirky expressions without them being hokey, staged or cheesy. It’s clear you don’t pose them. You’re able to coax a lot of happiness on your own, or at the very least are trigger-ready with impeccable timing.” Libby Peterson, New York Rangefinder Magazine



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