Quirky and Colourful Wedding Photos – The Barbican – Soph & Jack

Feb 13, 2016

Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography001Quirky and Colourful Engagement at The Barbican

I love to work with creative couples. Jack is an illustrator and Soph works for the BBC as some sort of ‘really busy woman that makes sure shit gets done’ so I knew that they would allow and encourage me to think outside the box and photograph them in a slightly off beat quirky way.

We met at The Barbican which looked magnificently-brutal(!) on this super sunny and windy winters day.

This playful pair are getting married in April at the utterly brilliant and slightly bonkers Walcot Hall which is RIGHT UP MY STREET. Whether you are searching for a wedding venue or perhaps a short break with your family…go check it out. Their wedding plans sound incredible and I am so excited to shoot it.

I’ll leave you to a selection of their quirky and colourful engagement photos…

Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography006 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography011 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography015 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography017 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography022 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography026 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography024Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography027 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography029 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography032 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography030Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography038 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography039 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography040 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography042 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography043 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography044 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography048 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography053 Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography057Quirky-and-Colourful-Wedding-Photography051


  1. Matt Parry

    Love the contrast of colour and couple against the awesome backdrops JM. Cracking stuff x

  2. Allison Dewey

    WICKED colours and what a beautiful couple! Nice one! X

  3. Sarah

    How bloody marvellous! What a cool couple, great shots JM

  4. Natalie

    Ahhh I love all these! Barbican is amazing, it’s like a spaceship! Nx

  5. paul ward

    gorgeous shoot, so much want to shoot there myself! Lovely stuff J x


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