Asylum London Wedding Photos – Sally & Ian

Aug 9, 2016


Asylum London Wedding Photos & a p*** up in a Brewery

I have long wanted to shoot a wedding ceremony at The Asylum and Sally and Ian’s cool wedding day did not disappoint. The beautiful light and texture of their Asylum London Wedding filled with family, friends and lots of laughter + their own brewery for the reception and you are well on the way to having a real simple recipe for a cracking, laid back and alternative wedding day. Genuinely loved every minute of it.

Props to Ian for making the industrial functioning Brewery look absolutely gorgeous – I may have doubted him for a moment! The hard work definitely paid off

Here are a selection of my favourite images…I hope you love them!

“We wanted someone who could get everyone in the moment, without it being staged, create some really personable images that will remind us of the day completely. What we have seen so far look amazing! The photos are like stills from the day rather than cheesy, posed shots of us looking awkward.

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Sally’s words of wedded wisdom…

Where it all began…We met through a mutual friend whilst Ian was moonlighting in his day job by running a Taco business from an airstream caravan. My friend asked him to a “party” that night and when Ian showed up, it was all girls! I had just finished my Uni degree and was a little worse for wear but a few hours later, dinner and a couple more drinks (!) the rest is history – Ian is the most thoughtful, exciting and entrepreneurial man I have ever met.

Finding the venue…We live in Peckham and didn’t want a traditional church, hotel wedding. Asylum was a no brainer because it was raw, beautiful and the light superb. As luck would have it, we also own our own brewery so the reception was pretty easy to sort as well.

The ceremony…My dad, Chris, walked me down the aisle – I was surprised how emotional I got! I was feeling pretty chilled until those doors swung open and then the tears just flowed. We only realised we could have readings about 4 weeks before the wedding so we were on a mission to find something that wasn’t too generic and fit in with the way we felt about each other. Love by Roy Croft summed it up completely and Love Monkey by Edward Monkton was a bit of a lighthearted reading – Ian now has the nickname Love Monkey from his mates!

A funny moment in the ceremony was when the flower girls my daughter and niece downright refused to chuck the petals down the aisle for my entrance….funny because we had been practicing for weeks at home with cotton wool balls. Hey ho!

Our florist..We wanted simple but effective flowers without spending a fortune. A friend’s daughter and her business partner were the ideal candidates and Tracy from Blend and Bloom did an absolutely amazing job realising my vision.

The party…We had the Supreme Collective band who were great – their playlist is immense so would cater to lots of people – we had a hard time picking a mix for the young, old and the quirky! In the evening we had a DJ who had played our 2nd birthday party at the brewery so we knew he could read the crowd. This part of the evening is a bit of a blur and whirlwind for me so I am assuming he did a good job!

The last word…Do as much as you can before the last couple of weeks and then try and relax a little and spend some time together. If you have been organised, don’t worry that you should be doing something every night, trust your suppliers, as long as you have been very clear about what you want, let them deliver. And if something goes wrong on the day, seriously no one will ever know!

PS. This kid is a legend…I LOVE Lenny! 😀




  1. Sarah

    Well what a stonker of a day this looks to have been, such gorgeous vibrant colours and a glorious feel of laid back unity! I love the wedded wisdom, just wonderful

  2. Rhona

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! Love how vibrant they area. And thanks for the mention Sally! 🙂 The band had a great time too <3


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